White Dove Award

TESLA White Dove Award is given to people who already achieved or created something which made a significant impact in the field of their expertise or in their communities.

TESLA White Dove Award 2013 was given to: Radoslav Zelenovic, director of the Yugoslav Film Archive from Belgrade; Srdjan Ognjanovic, director of the Belgrade Mathematical Grammar School; Doctor Igor Cetojevic, promoter of quantum medicine and known worldwide for his cooperation with Diego Maradona and Novak Djokovic; Vitalii Pravdivcev, famous Russian author of documentary films, two of which were about Nikola Tesla; Jean Echenoz, one of the greatest French writers and of the Western world in general, who wrote the novel “Lightning”, inspired by life and work of Nikola Tesla; and professor Robert Curl, a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, who shares Tesla’s views on the role of science in human development and progress.

TESLA White Dove Award 2014 went to: Beogradski sindikat hip-hop group from Belgrade as well as socially engaged movement, prof. Dragan Popovic, executive director of Schneider Electric company from Novi Sad, prof. Aleksandar Petrovic, anthropologist who educated public about scientist Milutin Milankovic, Yves Lopez, president of the UNESCO Federation of France, Teodor fon Burg, young mathematician who became the most successful participant of the International Mathematical Olympiad and B. Wongar, Australian writer of Serbian origin who writes on the faith of tribal people in Australia, the wildlife and environment. 

Awarded Persons In 2013