Tesla Silver Coin

TESLA Silver Coin is given to people who have the potential and are making an effort to create a positive change and make an impact on their local as well as the global community.
TESLA Silver Coin 2013 awardees are: Nikola Lončar, president and founder of Tesla Science Foundation from Philadelphia (USA) and organizer of the memorial conference in honor of Nikola Tesla; Lina Cherrat, founder of the Tesla Initiative Project of the UNESCO Club of the MIT University in Massachusetts (USA); Roberto Letan, French painter and author of the most beautiful Tesla’s portraits; and Aleksandra Ninković Tašić, founder of the virtual museum of Mihailo Pupin and associate of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Miroslav Benišek, professor at the Faculty of mechanical engeneering, University of Belgrade, Milić Stojić, professor at the School of Electrical Engeneering, University of Belgrade, Petar Škundrić, professor at the Faculty of Technology anf Metallurgy and  Milun Babić, professor at Faculty of Engeneering, University of Kragujevac.
TESLA Silver Coin 2014 was given to: Rave Mehta, author of the bestselling non-fiction graphic novel about Nikola Tesla, Radha Mehta, award winning pop singer and open vocal of Exit festival 2014, Umesh Mukhi, founder of Sustainable Leadership Initiative, Dr. Tiago Ferreira Lopes, academic director of Sustainable Leadership Summit, Filip Vukša, young social activists, Miloš Milisavljević, creator of the Strawberry Tree, Sanja Beštić, creator of Tesla play performed on Broadway in New York,  Agneza Trpkovski, founder of internet portal The House of Good News, and Miloje Popović Kavaja, journalist and author of the book “Second life of Nikola Tesla”.