Tesla Sajber Camp

Tesla Sajber Camp

Who can participate? What does the Camp look like?

The Tesla Sajber Camp is intended for students as well as other participants interested in the work of Nikola Tesla or for any of the festival areas.
The accommodation capacity of Tesla Sajber Kampa consists of fully equipped tents - 4 to 6 beds per tent, bed linen and blankets - for 150 students, as well as accompanying infrastructure that provides full functionality of the Camp for multi-day stay (shower cabins, toilets).
Students who want to, can also bring their own sleeping bags, and they can also stay with their own camping equipment.

How to apply for a campsite?

All who want to apply must fill in the application form. Due to the large number of registered students, the selection of participants is based on a short biography and a motivation letter. Applicants will receive all necessary information from Tesla Global Forum organizers and volunteers on time, related to camping and participating in the festival, as well as answers to possible additional questions.

What brings us to the camp?
The Forum consists of five basic units (science, art, society, information technology and ecology). In this framework, creative workshops are formed in which participants choose their presence and activity at their own discretion.

Participants are given the opportunity to contribute creatively to discussion and activities (lectures, round tables, workshops), to hear and to adopt valuable experiences and knowledge of distinguished lecturers, to participate in conversations in areas of interest and to have a good time .

How to get to the campsite?

The festival provides free bus service for camp participants, departing from Belgrade and Novi Sad for coming, as well as for returning from the festival. The timing of the departures will be published later.

How much does it cost to participate in the camp?

Accommodation, food and participation in the scientific forum are free for all camp participants. A membership fee of 500 RSD is required at the Tesla Global Forum account, which guarantees the reservation of the place in the Camp. Payments can be made to the Tesla Global Forum account:

NOVI SAD, Pasterova 16
Banca Intesa
Bank account: 160-385275-06
Purpose of payment: Membership fee for Tesla Global Forum 2018.

Application form