Who are we ?

The Tesla Global Forum is non-profit and non-political NGO founded in Novi Sad (Serbia) in 2012, with a mission of promoting the legacy of a great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla; both endorsing scientific, philosophical and cultural heritage that Tesla cherished and represented.  Even though Nikola Tesla gave his major contribution in the fields of science and innovation, it almost entirely overshadowed his continuing efforts to bring peace and well-being to mankind. His accomplishments clearly manifest that he possessed many ethical qualities of a true scientific philanthropist.
The members of the Tesla Global Forum wish to encourage such values among youth,  educating the legacy of Nikola Tesla in a creative and entertaining way. The eponymous science festival is the organization’s central and most important event, celebrating the Nikola Tesla’s birthday. It takes place trough several locations inside the National Park of Fruska Gora, and in the oldest national institution of culture, science and education, the Matica Srpska, gathering students, professors, institutions, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and other friends of the organization.  
The Tesla Global Forum team is a group of enthusiastic, passionate, professionals delivering activities with a strong focus on transmitting to youth the inspiring and positive examples from the society, science, culture and history.